Fashion Insights: What’s in and what’s out this 2019

The year has unfolded some bold fashion trends that are going to make a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s basically about flaunting your inner style and bringing who you are into the spotlight.

Fashion is all about experimenting your style and matching it with your personality. Since 2019 fashion is all about individuality, there is great a shift towards personalized styles. There is a lot of divergence in how fashion is perceived because now there is not one standard that has to be followed, as fashion is all about who you are and who you aim to be.

We have compiled a list of some of the hot and happening trends to flaunt and look effortlessly fresh this season. Here are a few trends that will make you revamp your style!

Yellow is the New Black

Marigold yellow is the color of the season that is in demand. It is frequently seen on the runway with a handful of luxury brands showcasing their clothing line in yellow. This time round, yellow dominates the clothing range of designers like Carolina Herrera or Brandon Maxwell. Integrate this color in your wardrobe to brighten up your look.

Other more neutral tones that are earthier in nature also dominating.

ROAR in Style!

One of the most vibrant trends that has made a smashing comeback is animal prints. These prints, infused in different patterns are all the rage. From coats to dresses, suits, pants and shirts, bold leopard print will make you stand out among fashionistas.

Animal print accessories are popular too. Get a snakeskin handbag to pair it with a monochrome dress or add a cheetah flair to your sunnies to look super-glam. There are some great animal print workout and athleisure pieces that look sophisticated yet playful.

Bring your old zebra print pants into use this year. Animal prints are incredibly versatile. You can get a leopard belt or a kitten mule, based on your need. Don’t forget to growl at the haters!

Flare it up

Less is no longer more. Leave behind the minimal silhouettes because ruffles and layers are here to stay. It’s all about embracing bundles of fabric. You may want to go for a flowing boho look or wear a puff-sleeved dress to your next meeting.

Current fashion is all about ruffles whether in shirts, tops, or even shoes. Pair your business blazer with a ruffled, animal-printed shirt to ensure understated fashion. Whether you’re travelling or strolling down the street, there are some incredible ruffled clothes to look for that’ll give you a subtle look.

Watch out for these cropped flare pants this year. Statement ruffled tops will keep you warm in winters and they are just so beautiful. We guarantee you that you will feel like a diva that you are!

Tartan Here

Another print going big this time round is Tartan. Mix and match tartans and check on your clothes. Want some ideas how to wear them? Look for Versace and Michael Kors to have an update about some contemporary designs.

Tartans give you a fun and preppy look, helping you make a statement; whichever outfit you choose. Have you seen Cher from Clueless? The style is suited to those who hate committing to plaid, but still want a colorful take on this print.

So if it resonates with your personality, then invest in this trend today. There is a reason why Tartan print is all over your Instagram. It is worth it!

Patchwork – Get it Out from your Grandma’s Closet

Patchwork is maybe the most interesting trend of this season, because it is taking the traditional craft based design on board. Donning patchwork on your clothes will make you look cool and stylish, whether you are dressing formally or keeping it casual.

Patchwork jumpsuits are on wish-list of many women, along with high-waist pants that can be paired with a plain tee and a statement belt. Patchwork skirts paired with tops or plain blouses are a few of the outfits that you can confidently pull together.

Boring plain fabric is out of fashion, as patchwork is definitely more exciting. This maximal way of clothing is something to look out for in your next shopping trip.

Flash your 90’s Bling to the Haters

Not just the clothes, fashion trends in jewelry are following suit (no pun intended) and getting bolder and blingier. Accessories like bowler hats which are very 90s fashion are making waves again.

Crystal drop earrings will remind you of a popular fashion icon, Kate Hudson, in How to lose a guy in 10 days. They are back with a bang now. It is also finally time to reuse your classic jewelry pieces like the elegant pearl drop earrings. If you did not, you can certainly add it to your collection now!

Pair it Right with the Accessories

This is by far the most unique trend, that is currently making rounds in fashion world. Bold accessories like chokers or layered necklaces, all are pearlescent pieces. Baker boy hats add a chic to any outfit and are seen on the streets of Paris. Feathered or printed hats are so out this season.

When it comes to handbags, shrunken bags are the new street style. Your favorite handbags are reduced to miniature proportions, looking really cute. They touch a trendier side of you indeed. Also, there are straw style handbags that look incredibly pretty. These basket handbags took over the streets of New York and Milan, as they look super comfy with all feminine ensembles.

Some of this year’s fashion trends might come up as a surprise to many of you. Monochrome colors are the way to go this year, incorporated in several new flashy colors that brighten up an outfit. Provided above is an assortment of ideas to ensure that every outfit of yours is on-point. However, what is the point of looking pretty if you are not comfortable and confident in it? So choose wisely to nail off every look you wear.

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