Bar Stool 101: The Things You Ought to Know When Buying Kitchen Bar Stools

Bar stools have become an essential part of the kitchen. This furniture piece can provide function as well as style to this part of your home. Of course, it is useful as an additional seating, where members of your family and your guests can make themselves comfortable in your kitchen.

Despite the size of a typical bar stool, it can have a significant impact on the aesthetic of your kitchen. So, if you want to provide your kitchen with bar stools, it will help you big-time if you know what to look for in this piece of furniture. So take a read!

The Height

When choosing for the ideal bar stool, it is important that you base your choice on the adjacent counter, tabletop, or bar in your kitchen. (A bit of trivia: nowadays, the term “bar stool” is actually an umbrella term for various stools).

If you want to place it adjacent to a table that is 28 or 30 inches high, you need a stool that has at least 17 or 18 inches height. For a kitchen counter that has a height of around 35 to 36 inches, you need a 24 to 26 inches high bar stool. A bar that stands around 40 to 42 inches high, you should opt for a bar stool that is 28 to 30 inches high.

Always remember that you consider the height of the adjacent structure or piece of furniture where you want to place your bar stool. As such, you would know the ideal height of the bar stool that you should buy.

The Width

For you to decide the number of stools to place in your bar or kitchen counter, you need to calculate the length of the bar or kitchen counter and divide it by the bar stool width, then add five inches. If you go for a bar stool with arms or one that swivels, you need to make an allowance of several inches of distance from each one of them.

The Material

You should consider the material of your bar stool because the material can make or break the stool’s relative function and style to the kitchen. For instance, in the functional aspect, you need to choose a stool made of industrial steel if you have a modern kitchen. If you have a traditional, wooden type of kitchen, the ideal stool to have in it is a wooden stool. You should also see to it that your bar stools have cushions to provide you the necessary comfort when you seat on them.

The Basic Designs of Bar Stools

There are different designs of bar stools that you can find nowadays. It is crucial that you choose the right design to complement it to your kitchen style and how you will utilize this furniture piece in it.

Bar Stools with Back and Footrest. If comfort is on top of your priority, then your stools with backs and footrests are perfect for you. Stools with backs will provide ultimate comfort to your spine when you are lounging in your kitchen.

Swiveling Bar Stools. Swiveling bar stools are ideal for a small kitchen because they do not eat up much of the space. You should also consider bar stools that do not have arms to make the most out of the space in your kitchen area.

Brightly-Colored Bar Stools. For a kitchen which lacks interesting features, brightly-colored bar stools are excellent to put some appealing quality to it. You can find a lot of bar stools of this type in various furniture centers nowadays.

Minimalist Bar Stools. If you do not want to break the existing design of your kitchen, you can go for minimalist bar stools. This bar stool design can come in steel, acrylic, wood, or plastic that has only one color or few aesthetic details.


Bar stools can provide function and style to your kitchen. That is why it is an essential furniture piece to have in this area of your home. But before buying, it will do you good to know what to look for in bar stools. You can take some cues from the guide above or browse Deal Wiki for it.

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