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Bluetooth is all the buzz in recent tech news. Everyone wants to make life cordless and simplified. Each year we see new technology, but this season we cannot deny the convenience of Bluetooth speakers. Whether in your backyard, hanging around your house, or walking the neighborhood there are countless scenarios Bluetooth will allow you to share music with your friends. But not all speakers provide quality sound while being convenient and stylish. Thanks to a team at, tested 10 highly regarded speakers for portability, durability, and sound to find the best option for any music lover.

Sound quality is the first thing that many think of when it comes to choosing the best Bluetooth speaker. But when they consulted Dan Wiggins, an acoustics and audio expert, he told them that “when you’re talking about Bluetooth speakers there really isn’t such a thing as high-fidelity; that’s a limitation of Bluetooth.” He explained that manufacturers often “look at Bluetooth speakers as too much of a lifestyle product and not the primary way a consumer will be listening to music.” In other words, Bluetooth speakers aren’t designed to reproduce perfect audio.

In short, the convenience of Bluetooth comes at a cost. To send audio across a Bluetooth connection, data needs to be compressed — the data is too large otherwise. When you compress audio data it leads to a loss of audio quality. In exchange, Bluetooth technology removes the limitations of wires and allows you to listen to your speakers anywhere and at any time. In that sense, choosing the best Bluetooth speaker is more about finding the best option for your particular lifestyle.

 To find the best speakers on the market they started by:

  • Compared their speakers to find the most versatile and best sounding options.
  • Looked at portability to find the speakers that were easy to move around.
  • Checked to see which speakers sounded best.
  • Last but not least, looked for speakers that were durable and convenient to use.

To learn more about their research and which product rose above the rest click here:

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