Checklist before Buying an Ice Machine

We all want our drinks or water with ice. That’s why most of the famous restaurants or food joints provide ice with the drinking water or juices. There are some drinks like beer or tea with which ice doesn’t go well. But generally, it enhances the taste of most of the drinks. Sometimes people are very specific about the types of ice they want with their drink.

Restaurant, cafeteria and bar owners need to have a personalized ice making machine for the different types of demands of ice from the customers. But finding a perfect ice machine is not a cup of tea. Some people think what’s the big deal in turning water into ice? But there are multiple options to choose from and various factors that will influence the quality of the ice.

Different Types of Ice Maker Machines

There are two different types of ice making machines to settle for.

Modular Ice Machines

This type of machine simply made ice. A storage space is needed to store the ice after it’s made. These types of machines are ideal for big commercial kitchens where they daily need ice in bulk amount. You can produce large quantity of ice and store them in storage bins. They are smaller in size and easy to use.

Self Contained Ice Machines

Self contained ice machine comes with a container for storage. They are smaller in size than the consumer models but produce more ice than them. Due to its small size, you can fit them anywhere you choose like table counter top or kitchen slabs. They are ideal for small restaurant, bars or cafes.

Types of Ice

Another important feature to consider before buying an ice machine is the type of ice your customer wants. The different types of ice range are standard, crescent, nuggets ice, ice flakes, gourmet, half cube and cube.

I hope I am able to give you a clear picture of the ice machines you should go for. Just select your priority, speed and quantity of ice you want and you are good to go.

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