Reasons for Popularity of Silver Rings over Gold Rings among Men

Silver and gold are totally different metals and have different properties also. But nowadays, men always prefer to wear silver rings in place of gold ones. Sterling silver is becoming popular as another metal for the jewelries. It consists of 92.5 % silver and the remaining part is mixed with other metals like copper or iron to harden them. It is grayish in color.

Gold jewels are also available in several varieties like white, yellow or rose gold. White gold is whitish in color made by mixing with metals like nickel, manganese or Palladium. Yellow gold is produced by mixing pure gold with zinc or copper.

If you are looking for rings for your engagement or marriage, then gold or platinum are the best options. Silver is more preferable for daily or formal occasions. Here in this write up I am going to tell you some advantages and disadvantages of both the metal.

Sensitivity of Skin

Gold can contain nickel which is not present in sterling silver. That is why there is always a risk of skin allergies if you wear gold, which is absent in case of silver.


The main reason of preference of silver over gold among men, is its price factor. Gold is more rare than silver. That’s why it’s more costly.


Silver jewelries need regular cleaning and polishing. You can use a silver cleaner and a clean piece of cloth to polish all your silver jewelries. Gold jewelry can be cleaned by putting it into a solution of soap and lukewarm water. After keeping it for sometime, take them out and wipe the excess water with a clean cloth. You can also go to a jeweler to clean them occasionally.


Sterling silver shines highest among all the white metals. This is one of the reason for its popularity among men over gold rings.


Both the metals are durable in the long run as both of them are made by mixing with other metals.

Thus depending on your occasion choose the rings wisely. Silver ones can be worn daily while gold ones are delicate and should be worn on special occasions.

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