Best Wedding Jewelry Styles of 2017

Want to look best on the most special day of your life. Then wedding jewelry will play an important role in that. The world of fashion is changing constantly day and night. So it’s very significant to know the latest styles and patterns in the modern world. Starting from an Engagement ring, bracelet, necklace to earrings, all of them combined can enhance the beauty of even simple attire. Also jeweler marks the symbol or personality of an individual wearing them. In this article I am going to throw some light on the latest wedding jewelry trends and patterns.

Vintage Jewelry

There is a saying that “OLD IS GOLD”. Vintage jewelry will always add charm and timeless elegance to you on your big day. The most famous of the lot are pearls, geometrical designs, art decor, etc.

Floral Designs

Floral designs are one of the most preferred jewelry this year. It will add sophistication along with a little playful mood on your wedding day. Flowery designs necklace or earrings studded with diamonds can complete any bridal look.

Simple Design

Are you not very fond of jewelries? Then there are simple diamond earrings, small necklaces and thin bracelet which will definitely add volume to the looks of the bride on their D Day. The main benefit of this kind of patterns is that they can be worn even after your wedding day anytime in any occasion.


Chokers are something which would go well with strapless or open neckline gowns. They will even be better if they are studded with little diamonds.

Cocktails Rings

Big rings are already in trend in the year 2017. If you want to stand out from other people and want to turn every head on your bridal day then you can always wear an enormous cocktail ring surrounded by diamonds or precious gemstones.


Earrings are something which you should always choose according to your face shape and size. In this year oversize earrings are taking the market of wedding jewelries.


Bracelets in chain design are trending this year due to its huge range of styles. Chain bracelets or cuffs along with bangles will definitely make your man fall over his heels again!

I hope I am able to guide you with all the best wedding jewelry in the year 2017 which will make every bride look gorgeous on the most vital day of their life.

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