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No matter how the new generation style or use old fashion cloths, qualities of the fabrics are the main part of good and comfortable material. There are many types of fabric you can have from the stores but you have to get some knowledge about it to pick the real one by yourself. It this article, I’m trying to write about some popular fabric which can help you to choose. It is not an easy job to pick the original fabric from the shop. But if you have some information about it then you can do it easily.


This is the oldest material. There are some facilities you can have by using these cloths. It is easy to wash, soft material, high comfortable cloth. That is main reason of high price of this material. You can use it in any type of weather. The only disadvantage is that it shrinks very quickly after its first wash. Even after ironing, it consists of the some wrinkle on it. But you can use it in office, meeting and in your daily work life.


If you are looking for lightweight and soft cloth then you can go for the flannel to make your cloths. These types of fabrics are mainly used for winter wear. You can easily brush it and it’ll never lose its shape in any condition.


It is a stiff fabric which is mainly used for tough clothing like workers dress material, jeans, car mechanical dressing materials and many more like these. The specialty of these types of fabrics is that it doesn’t fade quickly even after regular rough use.


During World War II, this material was famous for its use in allied force parachutes. After that, it has become a very popular clothing material because of its cheap cost and toughness. Generally women stocking are made from this fabric but now it is used as an alternative of silk.


Linen is mainly used in hot weather country for clothing. It is a smart and casual looking material with lightweight and is very soft. Only a gentle wash is enough for these types of fabric to maintain it for long.

There are many types of cloth you can produce by mixing these materials. But theses are the main clothing materials around the world.

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