Things to Ensure Before Buying a Bike for Your Child

Balance Bikes are much better option than training wheel bicycles or tricycles, as with them the child will concentrate more on balance rather than paddling. This will help in their later phase which is reverse in case of other bikes. But you should first check the safety measures of this bike before your child mount on top of it to start riding.

In this write up I am going to suggests you about such points to make sure that your child is safe with that bike.


Weight of the bike should match with the weight of your child. It should neither be too heavy nor too light as this would make them difficult to ride it. The bike selection should be according to the age of your kid.


Bike frames are another important factor that you should look for while buying. The famous materials for frames are steel, aluminum, wood and other composite resources. Each material comes with their own pros and cons. Check out which one is making the bike light and comes with a low maintenance cost.


There are different types of tires available in the market according to balance bikes. You know in which type of environment your youngster will be riding that bike. When you make your selection, just keep in mind that there are some tires which are better for pavements while there are others which are meant for natural surfaces. The preference that you have for the bike tires are rubber, air, Foam tires and honeycomb tires.

Height of the Seat

Some bikes come with auto adjustable seat but in some, you have to do it manually. When you are about to buy the cycle just confirm whether you can adjust or extend the seat according to the height of your child.


Hand-grip is another important point to consider while bringing back home a little gift for your loved one. Always choose a small radius grip bike as they will reduce the impact while falling from the bike.

So have you found your ideal balance bike for your naughty one after verifying these points? If yes, then start training the young one with the bicycle and enjoy a joyful ride along with them.

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